Whether You Manufacturer, Wholesale, or Retail - We have you covered.



Building Insurance

Have you found that perfect building for your business, only find out that the insurance company will not write liability or property insurance due your cannabis-related business?

Manufacturing Insurance

Insuring your business against physical loss, professional liability and general liability is going to mitigate any loss that you may incur, but what about the products you make and the harm it may cause someone? Because the industry has a lot of discretion in what a manufactured product may look like, taste liken or feel like, there is the potential that when the consumer ingests your finished product, a liability claim may exists.

Product Liability

Product Liability can provide coverage against bodily injury and property damage that arise out of a defect in the product that you’re selling, manufacturing, or distributing. It can also provide coverage for any damages from mislabeling or failing to implement the proper warning labels on the products.

HEMP - CBD Insurance

Specialized coverage for the HEMP and CBD Marketing. If you are a grower, extractor, wholesaler or retailer of HEMP/CBD products we provide custom coverages.

Delivery & Transport Insurance

With the transportation of marijuana from grow to extraction to dispensary, there is a risk to all parties as the most valuable stage of the finished product is at risk to theft.


Dispensary Insurance

Dispensary insurance is designed to protect your property and inventory, liability and loss of income in the event of a loss.


Cultivation Insurance

Cultivation insurance is designed to protect your plants, equipment, liability and business income in the event of a loss.