Home is where the heart is...


Whether you are renting, our you bought your home; it's only logical that you are wondering if you really need a homeowners policy.


What does Homeowners or Renters Insurance really do?

There are many things a homeowners or renters policy can do for you:

  1. Protect your stuff: Homeowners and renters policies  can help pay to replace your possessions if they're damaged or destroyed by a covered loss up to the policy limits - which you choose!  
  2. A Temporary Place to Stay: Your Homeowners or Renters insurance policy may include additional living expenses coverage to help cover the cost of a hotel or other lodging while your home is being fixed or rebuilt.
  3. Legal Bills: Your Homeowners or Renters policy will help defend you if you are liable to pay for someone else's damages.  For example: your friend is over watching the big game and he slips down the stairs to the basement, you could be held liable for his medical bills.  Your policy would cover the legal costs and potential court awards up to the policy limits that you selected.
  4. Your House: This is where Homeowners differentiates itself from Renters.  Homeowners policies can help pay to repair or rebuild your house, detached structures (garages or sheds) after they are damaged from a covered loss.


How much do I need?

That all depends.  The amount of insurance you may need depends on the value of your possessions and home (if you are looking at homeowners).  Each carrier is different when they determine the value of the home.  Some carriers look at the what it would cost to rebuild it (replacement cost), while others may look at the local market value.  This is where we come in.  Our licensed agents can help you determine how much insurance you should carry.